Monday, April 14, 2008

197th Post - Long Day, and Long Weekend!

Haven't written since Saturday morning. The post from Friday night was fleshed out on Saturday morning and re-submitted. Sorry about that, but as I explained a few days ago, I will be busy with work for the next couple of weeks, and something has to give. That something will be consistent posts to this blog.

Worked several hours of overtime on Saturday; even more on Sunday. And today, I worked all day, and then put in 4 hours of ot this evening. Got a lot done, but it is a tad tiring, and there is quite a bit more to do.

Tomorrow, Patricia and I will have lunch with someone who will participate in the 200th post of this blog. That 200th post may be delayed for a day or so as I prepare this extra-long post for your reading pleasure and enlightenment. I look forward to sharing that post with you, my devoted readership. I promise you it will be worth it.

Some of you read this blog who work with me. I suppose you could follow me to the Pogue Fado at noon AST and find out what nefarious scheme I am developing, and what possible reason I would have for visiting this place at that time. Or you can just wait until I post #200!

Patience, my friends. Patience.

Keyed up from the overtime. Hope I can get to sleep in short order. Three coffees today didn't help. Should really only have one.


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