Wednesday, April 16, 2008

199th Post - Darian O'Toole/Karin Begin in Frank Magazine

The latest issue of Frank Magazine, #531, features a cover story on Darian/Karen/Karin. The cover shows a picture of her, along with the caption, "Celebrity Killed the Radio Star".

Having read the piece, I have to say that it is balanced, showing a warts and all approach to Karen. Those who knew her much more than I ever did (remember: I was the mote of dust in the book of her life) will be nodding their heads a lot as they read it. Frank does, however, stick to the fiction of the spelling of her first name. It was spelled with an "e" and not an "i". I would love to know why she changed the spelling of her name, though. My sister Gayle changed the spelling of her name many years ago from "Gale" to what it is now for reasons I have never understood. Perhaps it is a woman thing and as a guy, I am destined never to understand such vagaries.

Since Frank spilled the beans, I will now reveal what I was asked to keep to myself last week: Karen's memorial service will be held on April 25th (a week from Friday) at St. Thomas More Church in Dartmouth. It's across the street from the I.W. Akerley campus of the Nova Scotia Community College system. I still don't know what time of day it will be held. Most funerals are held at 2pm, however.

I remember reading Frank back in 1991 just around the time she left Magic 97 and the country to try her luck in the U.S. They were not complimentary to her, calling her a name I prefer not to report here. I am glad, at least, that this final article on her, the only one discussing her death that I have seen in a Nova Scotia periodical, is balanced and, from my point of view, fair.

I will still post a link to Karin's obituary when it is published in the paper. It will have to be soon now. It will be a separate post, but not #200. That is what I'll be working on in the morning and hope to post on Friday. It will be the best Bevboy's Blog post so far.

For reasons I am not prepared to discuss, yet at least, tomorrow will be an extremely busy, long, and trying day. A few people reading this know the details and I trust them not to tell people unless and until I choose to do so here or elsewhere. I doubt if you will hear from me before the weekend, although I may reply to a comment or two if any are left as a result of this post.

Have a great evening, Constant Reader. I hope you are looking forward to post #200 as much as I am.



craftyone said...

If you go to this link on the Q104 website, JC Douglas has an article he had done about Karen many years ago.

Bevboy said...

Thanks, Johanna. And thanks for your contributions to this discussion about Karen.

Just read her obituary. Very sad. What a loss.


Gerry said...

Bevboy....Do you know how I could obtain a copy of Frank Magazine, #531?