Tuesday, April 29, 2008

206th Post - I'm Back!!

The overtime I have been putting in the last couple of weeks is so nearly finished that I just had to celebrate by posting a blog message!!

We had an immoveable deadline. We had to be finished by April 30th. And here we are, with an hour or so of work to finish in the morning of the 30th.

Feels good.

I have missed regularly posting to this blog. Every day at work, or driving to work, or driving home from work, or in the shower, or whatever, I think of something I'd like to add to the blog. But reality intruded, always. I worked 17 hours of overtime over the weekend. Got home late on Monday night, and didn't sit down to the computer until 8:15, working for 3 hours. Tonight, I worked 2 hours of overtime, finishing at 9:45.

I am happy to report that a week or so ago, that someone else in local radio has agreed to an interview avec moi. This person has been on the air for over 20 years now, and I am thrilled that he/she will sit down with little old me and answer my questions. Once we have met and the final draft has been approved of, it will be posted for your reading pleasure.

I have a day off this coming Friday. Man, do I need it!


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