Tuesday, April 29, 2008

208th Post - Quick Anecdote

I was running back to work after a too-long lunch hour when I heard someone say, "Bev, is that you?" I turned and agreed that it was, indeed, me. "It's me, Jeanne".

I went to high school with Jeanne. I went to university with her, too. She wouldn't date me. Lord knows I tried. She wanted to date... good looking guys with self-confidence.

Hadn't seen her in, gee, about 8 years. And that time, 8 years ago, had been the first time I'd seen her in 10 or 11 years. That she recognized me after all this time is a testament to my incredible good looks and clean living. My chiseled features have remained strong and well-defined. I am not bragging. It is just the truth. Don't judge me.

Turns out that Jeanne is separated from her husband of many years. "Does that mean we have a chance now?", I asked, hopefully. Jeanne was nonplussed. "I mean, Greg and me. He's hot!". Jeanne laughed, and remarked that I hadn't lost my sense of humour, or irony. Ha ha.

She asked if I had a business card. That is one thing I don't have for my new job. Not sure why, but I don't. I told her my e-mail addy, and that my name is in the book.

I hope I hear from her soon. It is always nice to hear from an old friend.

Did I mention that the overtime is pretty much done?



nohup said...

but did you tell her about your blog?

Bevboy said...

I did not. Forgot. I hope to hear from her soon, and will tell her then.

Steve who?