Tuesday, May 6, 2008

212th Post - What IIHF Means

Found out last week that the "IIHF" had come to Halifax. I had no idea what a "IIHF" was. I know what "IHOP" stands for. I know what "IKEA" is. And I can go on and on about "IT", the Living Colossus. But damned if I knew what "IIHF" stands for.

There were clues. There were strangely-garbed people in Halifax, infesting our restaurants and Tim Hortons, shouting about how their country's team was better than another country's team.

Another clue was the intense media coverage. Couldn't shake a dead microphone without hitting a radio station covering the "IIHF", or a tv station doing a stand up, or avoid a print journalist furiously taking notes over this "IIHF".

Finally, in a round about, nonchalant way, I asked my chums at work today what "IIHF" stands for. It stands for, and I know this will be news to you, "International Ice Hockey Federation". Apparently, really good ice hockey players (they're always ice hockey players!) from all over the world have descended on Halifax (and Quebec City) to play this sport.

Now I know.

And so do you.

The only question I have is, why are they emphasizing ice hockey? Is there an International Floor Hockey Federation (IFHF?). An International Table Hockey Federation (ITHF)? Man, I'd love to see enthusiasts for that sport land in, say, Bugtussle Illinois and light that place up.

If there isn't an IFHF or an ITHF, why isn't there one? Is it because it hasn't occurred to anyone to start...

Never mind!



Smocken said...

Let me light up your day! There is in fact an ITHF. Table hockey (that is Stiga table hockey) is an organized sport in many countries, and World Championships have been played since 1989.

Visit www.ithf.info and see for yourself.

And people from all over the world do sometimes join in Canada to play table hockey. http://www.lahto.com/challenge/

Bevboy said...

I'll be damned. Thanks for taking the time to write, "smocken".

So, does this mean I can go ahead and start an International Floor Hockey Federation IFHF)?


Smocken said...

Yep, if not the International Floorball Federation disagree (http://www.floorball.org/).

The main rule is: imagine any international sports federation, and it probably exists. =)

Bevboy said...

I have learned something new.

Thank you, my friend. Thanks for finding my blog, and thanks for taking the time to post a couple of comments.

Where in the world are you?


Smocken said...

I'm in Sweden.