Friday, May 9, 2008

218th Post - Yawn!

Another long, long work week is over.

I swear, between the overtime I worked in April, the time I spent visiting someone in the hospital, some things had to give. Regular blog updates were one thing; sleep was another. I am pretty beat.

Will be busy on Saturday. Have to get up v. early and drive to the vet's to trade some canned cat food that Newbie doesn't like that much for stuff he does like. I have to make sure I am back here for 10 as I will be going through another one of those "be home between 10 and 2" appointments. He'll either show up at 10:05 or at 1:55. No way of knowing. He probably doesn't even know.

After that, I'll buy some victuals and see Patricia.

Sunday is Mother's Day. I think I may make a whirlwind trip to see her for a few hours then and return in the afternoon.

And then, it will be Sunday evening and time to get ready for another work week.



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