Monday, May 19, 2008

227th Post - Sick

Haven't written much all weekend as you can see. Haven't even written the song titles post yet. I have been not feeling well.

I got Patricia home here from the hospital Friday afternoon. It was as if my body had then been given permission to shut down. I had been pushing myself for weeks and weeks with working every day, working overtime most every evening and weekend, and visiting Patricia in the hospital every day for a few hours. I plumb tuckered myself out, and I found that on Friday all I could do was sleep.

Saturday, I began to come down with the symptoms of a cold. That evening, I began to get a sore throat, which got worse on Sunday and is still very painful today. It is as if with every swallow I am drinking shards of glass. I am sure all of you have had sore throats from time to time, so I won't belabour the point.

In between sleeping and being awake, I have been trying to care for Patricia. She has had a couple of bad days, with Monday worse than Sunday. She is still having a hard time tolerating the antibiotics, so she decided not to take one today to give her system a rest from the discomfort.

A sick person, caring for a sick person. How pathetic is that?

More later.


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