Friday, May 23, 2008

231st Post - Still Alive!

Sorry that I haven't written in the last few days. I have been sick with a cold that seemed to take over all parts of my body. On Wednesday, just two days ago, I was nearly in a coma. I slept the entire day away. I'd sleep for a while in my bed. Get up, scratch me arse, and go rest downstairs in my recroom, first on my lazy boy chair, and then over on the couch. After a few hours, I'd go back upstairs to my bedroom to sleep some more up there. You get the idea.

Patricia has been home from the hospital for a full week now. It seemed that is when my body decided it needed a break from all the stress it had been put through and went on strike. I was sick all through the holiday weekend, and all this week as well. Haven't been to work all week.

Began to feel human again on Thursday and was feeling well enough, barely, to take Patricia to her doctor's appointment in the morning. I tried repeatedly (10-12 times) to reach my own doc, only to be rewarded by a busy signal each time. Thursday evening, I began to feel like crap again and slept in again this morning, until around 9:30.

Patricia's doctor is terrific, a 1000x better than her previous one, a real quack who shall go unnamed here. But if that one had been on the ball, it is highly unlikely that Patricia would have gone through the hell she has endured over the last 5 weeks. The new doctor told Patricia she needed to give herself time to get better, and it appears unlikely Patricia will return to work before the middle part of July. I can see why she would need to be off that long.

Back to work on Monday. I am actually looking forward to it.




nohup said...

glad you're all better BSB!

Bevboy said...

Thanks, Steve! See you on Monday!!