Tuesday, May 27, 2008

233rd Post - How Was Your Day?

Worked from home today as Patricia had a rough night and I felt I should be with her. Hate not being at work, though, as it is such a fun place to be for 8.5 hours a day (including lunch time).

Spent much of the day learning about what I'll be working on next. I can hardly wait to install that application on my hard drive at work and start using it. It looks like a lot of fun.

Patricia and I spent 2 hours last night watching "Recount", the HBO film about the 2000 Florida election fiasco. Mark Evanier's blog wrote about that film here and here and Mark's thoughts about it are much more cogent than mine could ever be. He's a professional writer for 40 years, and I... am something else.

It was a little sad this morning to learn that Sydney Pollak died last evening. He was to have directed "Recount", but backed out, allowing Jay Roach to direct. Roach is best known for directing such political thrillers as "Meet the Parents" and the Austin Powers films.

Time to watch the season ender of "Boston Legal". Such a life I lead!


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