Wednesday, May 28, 2008

234th Post - My Kingdom for a Bluetooth!

I am on something like my 4th bluetooth headset in the past 16 months. I am beginning to think that there is no such thing as a good one, just degrees of bad.

The first one, which I still have, was a motorola. It sounded like crap, and dropped its connection to my blackberry with alarming frequency, but it was in one piece, and I could use the same charger to charge it as I use to juice up my blackberry. (BlackBerry, and juice in the same sentence! What a laugh riot!).

For a week or so, I had another headset, but it sounded worse than the motorola did. Kick to the coib!

I was happy to move on to another one last fall, whose brand name escapes me. But it came in several pieces. God, I had to put the headset in a tube that made it look like a pen, along with a clip, and store it in my pocket. It was also the only way to charge the thing. I could add yet another small piece to one end to use the blade charger that came with my BB, but quickly lost that piece, meaning I would have to use a usb cable attached to my pc. And the charge didn't last long in standby mode. And it lost its connection to the BB quite frequently. I was happy to get rid of it.

The latest one is called a jawbone, so called because the cumbersome headset actually has a nodule on it that sticks to one's jawbone, and is supposed to filter out ambient noise, making oneself heard to the party you're talking to on the phone. At least in theory. In practice, I find it doesn't make much difference. And a pox on the people who designed the proprietary charger. It is a usb thing, and there is no way to charge it with an ac blade-type adapter, because they have never bothered to devise such a thing. If you lose the charger, you're out of luck. And, while it lasts several days in standby mode, I find it takes longer to charge than I'd like.

My question, folks: Is there a bluetooth headset that combines the convenience of the Motorola, sounds good, holds a standby charge for a long time (days and days), doesn't drop its connection to the BB or whatever phone you're using, uses a common charger, and is not in many pieces? Is there such a thing? Please post your comments below.



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