Thursday, May 29, 2008

236th Post - CJCH Hotline Update

Some of you know that I proposed to Patricia on the CJ Hotline in 2006. I have a cd of that hour at my desk at work.

I am speechless. I knew for a while now that the Hotline would not survive the transition to FM. Let's just say that I knew and leave it at that, ok? But this doesn't make the official word any easier to accept.

Tomorrow, whatever in the name of God the FM format for CJCH will be takes over the AM signal. For 90 days, what ever swill they're planning to shove down our throats will be simulcast on both AM and FM. After that, the AM signal will be shut off forever.

I do not know what wonderful, enervating format will be given to us as of Friday. I do know that I can't imagine switching on the radio and not having the Hotline to listen to. It will be a vastly different place.

So, who wants to take bets on the format of the new station? How much will it suck?


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