Thursday, May 29, 2008

237th Post - Are You Tired of the CJCH Updates Yet?

Just read elsewhere online that CJCH (920 AM) will sign off forever and ever amen at 9:30 tomorrow morning, May 30th. At 10am, the test signal will cease at 101.3FM and the new CJCH will be born. Staff don't know what the format will be yet, and won't learn until tomorrow morning after 8:30. There will not be a simulcast of the new signal on AM, which I thought was a requirement when a station flipped to FM.

You know, I don't work at a radio station. I just play a listener on tv. But if I did work at a station, I would be disappointed at not being trusted enough not to tell people when my station changed format. If my job depended on it, I'd damn well keep that information to myself. No pillow talk! Yet, all my information tells me that nobody who works at the station, with the possible exception of the acting program director, even knows what the format of this new station will be. Ridiculous!

Oh, it seems that Deb Smith, the subject of Post #200, will be the acting news director at this station. Good for her. I hope she gets the job permanently.

And, do you want to speculate on what Rick Howe will do next? He wants to remain in local radio. The gm for the Rogers station was fired recently, and the suits in Taranna want to make some changes. Could there be room for Rick at News 95.7? One wonders!! One hopes!!

I am hardly an expert here. Just a guy who listens to the radio too much, who will almost certainly have to re-tune all of his clock radios after tomorrow to... I am not sure what station next. Q104? CBC Radio One? The All Polka station across the harbour?

What do you guys listen to? Help me out here!


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