Friday, May 30, 2008

252nd Post - Probably the Last CJCH Post Ever

A bit more news

They have hired a program director. He is an Italian guy named Robert Basile.

The first 3 weeks the new station will not have any on air staff. It will just be canned music 24 x 7. After that we will have a morning show and so on

Not that I will be listening

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Unknown said...

Well, I've been trying to listen, and it is horrible. Totally unlistenable electronic modern no-talent pop crap. Far worse than Z103.5 too. All I can picture as I try to listen to it are 12 year old girls dancing around in their bedrooms. Cripes, what a disaster.

Bevboy said...

Thanks for writing, KP. I worked hard today to blog about the various developments at the former 92 CJCH.

Judging from the many hundreds of hits that today's posts have received, I feel I am not alone in saying that many people will miss 920 CJCH.

I do not at all care for this new format at 101.3FM. I daresay that you and I are of a certain vintage and are therefore destined not to understand or appreciate what this new station is trying to offer.

I know some people at the station, and think of a couple of them as friends. I don't want to rag on them too much. But I just can't support this new station. I just can't.

God, I miss the Hotline. And Just Between Us. And the Mooseheads games. And Renovations. And the morning show with Brian and Deb (and then Deb and Chris).

I taped the Hotline for most of the month of May, and am slowly burning them onto dvd. The very last Hotline is now safely resting on a dvd. It is a keeper.

We radio fans lost something today, something that we will never see again in Halifax. And it makes me damned sad.