Monday, June 2, 2008

258th Post - Interesting Radio Development

Andrew Krystal is no longer being broadcast on the two FM New Brunswick Rogers stations. He remains in Halifax, news 95.7FM. His show has been more and more about Halifax in recent months anyway.

Rumours are afoot about what will happen with News 95.7's line up now that Rick Howe is at loose ends, following the cancelation of the Hotline last week. One is that News 95.7's two talk shows will both broadcast exclusively to Halifax, with the afternoon one featuring Mr. Howe.

I have nothing against Tom Young, but his show is about New Brunswick, and doesn't interest me much. Replacing that afternoon show with something featuring Rick Howe works for me in a very special way.

Now, can they do something to some how bring Doug Reynolds and Rick Howe back together on the air at the same time? That would be neat!


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