Monday, June 2, 2008

259th Post - Bevboy's Thoughts on the Thane Dunn Concert

You'll notice a couple of posts back that Patricia and I went to the Thane Dunn concert at the Rebecca Cohn Auditorium on May 31st.

I won the tickets off CJCH last Wednesday, May 28th. It was a minor miracle that I won them. They had a contest called Lyrical Pursuit where you had to complete the next line of a song that they teed up for you. It was a Bee Gees song where the next line was "And my woman keeps me warm".

The first person got the answer wrong. So did the second. And the third. By the time the first guy was told he was wrong, I was trying to call on my bluetooth headset. I was driving to work at the time.

Anyway, the phone rang and rang. People ahead of me were wrong, even dead wrong. "My woman keeps me strong". "My woman keeps me wrong". "My woman keeps me horny". Whatever the answers were, they were wrong, and I knew I was right.

Finally, as I was about to hang up, Deb Smith picked up the phone and asked for my answer. I recited the lyrics, told her and Chris Mills (and the listening audience) that I was using a handsfree phone as I drove to work. Deb said something about how people using bluetooth headsets look silly, but there was a valid reason in this case.

My winnings were two tickets to the 2008 Nova Scotia Tattoo, two tickets to the Thane Dunn Elvis concert, an autographed photo, and a chance to meet the guy backstage.

Off the air, Deb thanked me for getting through. They probably had these prizes to go through before the station was no more, although this was before the actual announcement about the end of the Hotline and when the flip to FM would take place. But Deb knew at this point, I am guessing. Deb asked how Patricia was doing, too, as she had visited Patricia in the hospital when Patricia was close to being at her sickest.

Picked up the winnings on Friday, right after the flip to FM took place. But enough about that, ok? I am trying to move on and be my usual sunny self.

Patricia and I went to the concert Saturday evening and were led backstage by Leslie, a sales person at the radio station. We special winners (there were a few others) met Thane Dunn, already in costume, and already in character as "Elvis". He is a New Brunswick boy, so he was pretty much at home. He signed a photo for Patricia, gave me a cd of his music, and agreed to pose for a couple of pictures with me, the ones you saw in those earlier posts. He is a very nice man. When I called him "sir", he told me his daddy was sir, and his name was Thane and I should call him that.

The concert itself was great fun. The opening act was a Roy Orbison sound alike, who tried mighty hard to hit Orbison's high notes, and usually succeeded. If you have a favourite Roy Orbison tune, R. Vance did it.

Thane Dunn started moments after R. Vance finished. Dunn has Elvis' mannerisms down pat. The swagger, the sneer, the pelvic gyrations, the knee that didn't stop shaking, even some of the mumbling. And he sings just like Elvis did. One could easily pretend that Elvis Presley was alive, young and vital again, and up there on stage singing for us.

Dunn is apparently the number 3 Elvis impersonator in the world. I can't imagine how much better #1 and #2 are.

One trivia note: Thane Dunn's costumes were designed by the same man who designed and created Elvis Presley's costumes. That man has since passed, making Thane Dunn's wardrobe one of a kind. He must spend a fortune in drycleaning!

Thane Dunn said that every concert he does is different. Next time he comes to town, I'm taking my best girl and will happily pay to go see this remarkable young man!


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