Wednesday, June 4, 2008

262nd post - My Old Bedroom

This is the actual 262nd post. I will fix the earlier number later.

This is the bookcase in my old bedroom. Books I have owned since high school are still there. Back issues of Ellery queens mystery magazine from 25 years ago are up there. I even have issues of that fine magazine from the 1960s up there. Will never read them again but hate to part with them. Throwing them out seems like such a waste

My advice to my readers: Never buy anything you can't eat or wear out. And if you do, find a way to get rid of it that doesn't result in guilt.

I have 25 years of National Geographic magazine at my parents' place. Putting them out with my recycling seems like a terrible waste to me. However, there is no after market for this magazines. Nobody wants to buy the back issues, and libraries are already burdened with them to the point where they will be impolitely refused if offered. What to do with this stuff?


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