Saturday, June 7, 2008

267th post. The cottage

The above is our cottage from a picture taken a moment ago.

Patricia just finished mowing part of the lawn. There is so much to do and it takes so long to mow a lawn this big that it cannot be done in one sitting

Went to a natural spring this afternoon to fill up a number of water jugs. The water is so delicious that it can't compete with water from any other source

Had lunch at a nearby Chinese restaurant

Back to the city.tomorrow

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George said...

That cottage makes me very envious....does it face Northumberland Strait?...If so, bow down towards PEI for me.

Bevboy said...

Hey, George.

Yes, the cottage does face the Northumberland Strait. We can see PEI very clearly from the deck.

Mowed the lawn there today. Takes quite a while, even on a lawn tractor.

I did take a moment to bow down to the island for you.

I'll take a picture of PEI for you next time I'm there and put it up on the blog.

I still owe you an e-mail. Sorry I have been so negligent.