Wednesday, June 11, 2008

273rd Post - The First Three Stooges Post

During my lunch with the interview subject for post #275, I mentioned how I find the history of certain types of music (such as country) more interesting than the music itself. I mean, A.P. Carter of the Carter Family is instrumental is saving very old songs, and updating them for a 1930's audience. If not for him and the rest of the Carter Family, those songs would have been lost, and we might not have bluegrass music today, or country-tinged gospel music.

I don't care much for that music. If I ever got a satellite radio, I would not memorize where that channel was.

I feel the same way about certain types of films, and even comedy acts. I am not the biggest Three Stooges fan who has ever lived. However, I am interested in the history of that troupe.

Most people, if they know the Stooges at all, will recite that the trio consisted of Larry, Moe and Curly. That is the best known configuration, but there were six official members of the act over the years.

Moe and Curly were brothers. There was a third brother, Shemp, who started with the Stooges, left for his own film career (paving the way for Curly), and returned to the Stooges when Curly had a stroke and had to retire/was fired.

This photo is the only one I know of that has all three Howard brothers in it. Larry Fine is nowhere to be seen.

Grabbed this photo from Mark Evanier's site.

Who were the other two Stooges? A story for another time. If you really want to know, you can google the Stooges, or ask me to write a subsequent post about these guys.


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