Friday, June 13, 2008

277th Post - A Day Off

Didn't have to work today. Gave me a chance to sleep in this morning, which is always welcome.

My cat, Newbie, doesn't understand why I occasionally sleep in. He expects me to feed him at a pretty early hour. And I usually do. But he doesn't get it when I sleep in past, say, 7 or so. He seems to get worried. He'll put a paw on my mouth to see if I react. Or he'll chirp at me; he is a Maine Coon so he doesn't really meow like you'd expect a cat to.

I did get up and mowed my lawn and part of Patricia's. Went to Bayers Lake where I got my father's Father's Day prezzie. He'll get it tomorrow when I see him.

Which reminds me: I have to get up very early tomorrow morning.

As I type these few words, Newbie is at my feet. He always has to know where I am.

He's stalking me!

Keep thinking of Maxine, that little kitten that the homeless girl had yesterday. It was perhaps naive of me to go ahead and buy that stuff for the cat yesterday, but I just could not bear for the cat to have a shoelace tied around its torso to prevent it from running away from the girl, where it would be run over by a car. I am off work until Tuesday. I will be thinking of both of them throughout the weekend. I hope to see them both next week.

Have a good night. I'll write more tomorrow. Perhaps I'll finally tell the tale of the time I stood up a girl for a date. I still think I did the right thing. You decide when you read my story.


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