Saturday, June 14, 2008

279th Post - Classic Rock Musings

Spent much of the day in the Annapolis Valley checking out the yard sales in my home town and diggin' the new classic rock station, K-Rock 89.3FM.

It sounds great. God, I would have killed for such a cool station when I was growing up down there. It comes in ok as far as Bayers Lake. I will try to tune it in when I go to bed tonight, using my CC Radio Plus. I'll write about how I acquired this radio at a later date.

(To those of you who study the art of writing, the above is an example of foreshadowing. )

I am fascinated about how one radio station reacts to another. I have to know how Magic 94.9 will react to this new upstart radio station. Will they actually spend some damn money on the station, and revise its musical format to make it, oh I don't know, entertaining?

It is probably sampling, but Patricia and I went into a lot of stores today. In many of them, they were playing K-Rock. That is good news indeed. It is just too bad that I missed out on the K-Rock cruiser because I could have scored a t-shirt or a hat or something. Rats!

We drove back this evening around supper time. Wanting an update on the Karissa Boudreau murder (there was an arrest today) we were delighted to hear a breaking news-type thing after 6pm. This would have been hours and hours after Magic 94.9 would have gone automated. Those guys are gonna have to beef up their local news component, and pronto, because K-Rock claim is local, local, local. It means an awful lot to people to be able to click on their local radio and hear local news, even on weekends.

Speaking of local radio, Q104 is doing an exemplary job covering the fires in Porters Lake, over on the Dartmouth side. They had Lisa Blackburn and Rich Horner discussing it less than an hour ago. And they'll be live until at least midnight tonight with further updates. My interview with JC Douglas fresh in my mind, I am happy that this coverage is taking place and that he wants his station to be on top of major news stories. Unless I am sadly mistaken, even the Rogers talk station is not covering the latest developments as well as the Q is. That is disappointing for a news talk station.

The last classic rock musing for tonight: There sure are a lot of songs about the rock star life, aren't there? Life on the road, groupies, drugs, and so on. You'd think that only other rock stars could relate to that stuff, but these are some of the most popular songs with regular folks. It makes me wonder if rock stars listen to songs about insurance company sales reps and guys who install aluminum siding?


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