Thursday, June 19, 2008

283rd Post - For Future Interviews

Still can't reveal who my upcoming interview subjects will be. But they will be interesting folks.

I have a new device to aid me in my blog interviews. I now have a digital voice recorder, or dvr for short. It is an RCA RP5022. It is the second such device I bought, having returned a panasonic dvr two days ago. I don't know what has happened with panasonic lately. I do not know who designs their products, but they are increasingly hard to use and figure out.

The Panasonic dvr came with software that was supposed to be able to translate speech to text, or text to an mp3 file. I don't think it worked. That, plus the clunky aspects of the actual device made me return it in short order. I was already to leave the store when the guy showed me this RCA device, which was about a third of the cost of the Panasonic one.

It is easier to use, and smaller. The storage capacity is quite a bit smaller, and there is no zoom mic, but I find that I can easily pick up someone speaking from across the room with the built-in mic. The device can record up to 26 hours in one recording mode, or something like 4.5 hours in the higher quality mode.

If you want to read more about the RCA RP5022, read this.


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