Monday, June 23, 2008

291st Post - Pictou County Musings

People have been asking me how it is that I meet so many people. I don't know.

Patricia and I were in the town of Pictou for lunch on June 21st, at a place called Sharon's Place, where we have eaten many times. After that, we wandered around that lovely town, ending up at that coffee house where they teach wood carving in the fall and winter. Returning to the car, we drove along the waterfront in order to leave Pictou and return to the cottage. We drove past a group of people standing by a plaque. "That's Peter MacKay!", Patricia said. We decided to find out what was going on. As luck would have it, there was a parking space nearby. Had there not been, we would have given up and returned to the cottage.

We walked over to where the people were standing. Peter MacKay had just finished speaking and was posing for photographs with the local yokels. He agreed to pose with me, and you saw the result. Patricia wanted to go to the nearby farmer's market, so I hung around a bit more, and recognized Leslie Oliver at the same time he recognized me. I have always respected Dr. Oliver, ever since I met him when I was a student and he my director at the Computer Science Department at Acadia University. That he would remember me after all this time, after not having seen him in several years, really tells me something.

Rick Hillier was there with Peter MacKay. He had been posing for pics with local people too. As I was speaking with Dr. Oliver, he wandered past us, and agreed to pose with me. You saw that result, too. And I had to pose with Dr. Oliver. It is not often that two guys with girly names get to pose for a picture together.

So, nothing mysterious there. Just the right place and the right time. Doesn't happen often with me, but when it does, I take full advantage.

(Actually, FULL advantage would have been to ask these guys to say "Welcome to Bevboy's Blog" and put it up as video here; but I didn't feel comfortable asking them to do that. )

As I wrote a couple of times on Saturday: I love Pictou County. Beautiful part of the province. If you haven't been, check out the town of Pictou, too. Probably my favourite part of the county except for where the cottage is.

I won't be back there for several weeks, but the next time I am there, it will be for our two week vacation. I can hardly wait.



nohup said...

so when can we expect to read your interview with General Hillier?

urquharj said...

Hre: Pictou Co....and i can assure you, it has the most beautiful people as well! :-)