Tuesday, June 24, 2008

293rd Post - The 10000th Hit

Earlier this afternoon, this blog had its 10000th hit.

I was plannng a retrospective evaluation of what this means, but the truth is, it probably doesn't mean much at all. A "hit", as I am learning, can mean many things. Everytime I refresh the main blog page, that increases the counter by one. If I log on to the blog to post to it, that is another hit. You get the idea.

I can check the statistics associated with this blog, and often do. I have had a few hundred hits in the past few days. Of those, many of them still are from folks googling Paula Gallant, the teacher whose body was found stuffed in the trunk of her in 2005, parked in the parking lot of the school where she taught. Like I have stated on this blog several times now, I know nothing more than what I have read in the papers. I have heard some rumours, and some are doozies; but this blog, no blog, is the place to air them. I have every confidence that the police are conducting an excellent investigation and that justice will one day be served.

I still get people googling Karen Begin/Darian O'Toole. For various reasons, this blog briefly became a place where friends and fans of hers hung out and posted quite a few comments. I am gratified that those folks found a positive place to discuss Karen and her life. If you haven't already, please read post #275, my interview with J.C. Douglas, as he was her boss and friend and comments about her there.

People are googling CJCH and its format change a lot, too. Folks, I have moved on. I do not like, and will not listen to, this new station, The Bounce, but defend their right to do what they did. I hate like Hell how they canceled the Hotline, and the Mooseheads games (although Rogers has spoken with John Moore, I'm told, and you may hear those games this Fall anyway). However, there is nothing I can do about the loss of this programming. You can only tilt at windmills for so long before you cut yourself on the blades. Move on, and let's remember the good times. And, if we are lucky, Rick Howe will be back on the radio again before you know it. Let's hope so, at least!

Some of the very old posts are coming back to haunt me, too. Type "You Know You're Over 40 When" and a blog post by that name comes up, eventually at least.

The time I stood up that girl is becoming a popular page. Someone wrote me to tell me that he found it hilarious, and well written, too. Coming from someone whose writing and broadcasting I respect a great deal, that meant a lot to me. Thanks, J.C.!

On that note, I thank you, my readers, for making Bevboy's Blog so much fun for me to continue doing. I am coming up on my 300th post. I had no idea that I could go much beyond, say, 150 or so. But here I am, and I still feel like I am just warming up.

Good night, Gracie. (Reference lost on younger readers!)


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Kev said...

In case you or your readers are interested, I've set up a FaceBook group in Karin/Darian's memory: