Friday, June 27, 2008

296th Post - Ever Closer!

Getting ever closer to post #300. I will be making a small cosmetic change to the appearance of the blog for that post. And the post will not contain an interview, alas. I have fallen behind in my interview preparations, although 3 people have promised to sit down with me for an interview.

I may break out part of one or more of those interviews and produce my first podcast for this blog, too. That would be fun.

Visiting my folks this weekend. Took my mother to the doctor this morning. About to head out to buy groceries for them before returning to their home to cook them dinner. Returning to the city on Sunday.

Saw The Boy this morning. You know, the one that broke into my house last year. Surly little punk. Can't wait until he gets a bit older and life kicks him in the ass until he hollers.

The thing is, if I say something to him, his parents will assail me. I'll be the bad guy. But it is hard to just let go, given that he invaded my home and stole stuff from me. If he is sorry about it, if he is regretful and contrite, if he truly regrets it, I do not see it in his demeanour. He is just a punk kid.

Time to head out to buy food for M&D.

Seeya later.


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