Saturday, July 5, 2008

307th Post - A Favourite Bevboy Song

Returning from Mahone Bay this evening (a long day!) I played a cd called Has Been, by William Shatner and Ben Folds, of Ben Folds Five fame.

Yes, William Shatner. Get over it.

We all remember, whether we want to or not, William Shatner's... interpretation of tunes like "Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds" and "Rocketman". Kitschy and cheesy and embarrassing. And those are the songs' strongpoints.

In 2004 Folds approached Shatner to record another album, a serious one, and for whatever reason, Shatner agreed to do it. The result was this excellent album, one I still enjoy listening to, 4 years after it came out.

I bought the album after Shatner's appearance on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno, where he performed "Common People". I just so happen to have a youtube link to it, and hope you take a few minutes to watch it.

In searching around for a youtube version of that Tonight Show appearance, I found that a guy in Austin, Texas, produced his own version of the video. It is quite good. Check it out, too, if you wish:

And, lastly, a fat guy somewhere in the States decided to lip sync Shatner's and Joe Jackson's vocals for the song, and film himself doing it. It is worth a chuckle.

I love youtube!!

More in a bit.


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