Wednesday, July 9, 2008

315th Post - Don't Worry

Dozens of you have been writing me expressing extreme concern that there will not be regular Bevboy's Blog posts during my upcoming vacation.

Please allow me to allay, assuage, even eliminate those fears and insecurities. Fret not. Turn that frown upside down. Do a 180 degree turn away from the shoals of depression and move toward the shores of happiness.

I will continue to blog while on vacation. In theory, I will have more time than ever to blog. However, keep in mind that I will be with Patricia for that time. She will insist I spend time with her. I may even end up attending a craft show or two. Lord, the things a man does for love!

I can blog from the BlackBerry, as you will know from the many posts sent from that device. That damned device, according to Patricia. Hmmph! It is child's play for me to dash off a post and send it along with a picture. We will also visit some libraries that have computers with high speed internet connections. I can post from there. And I will have the laptop computer and can piggy back on the various hot spot connections floating around in the ether.

So, my friends: Don't worry. There will be at least one blog post per day while I am on vacation.

Do you feel better now?


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