Friday, July 11, 2008

317th Post - An Open Letter To Newbie

Dear Newbie:

Ever since we discovered you at that farmers market in 2006 and I brought you home you have been a typical cat.

You demand to be fed on your terms.

You want attention on your terms.

You sleep in my bed but only when you want to.

You walk around the house as if you had just paid the mortgage.

The world belongs to you. You just let me live in it.


But when we had you fixed last year you have never let me forget it.

I am putting my foot down, Newbie. Enough is enough.

Just because you no longer have balls it doesn't mean you can pounce and walk and jump all over mine.

Are we clear? Do we have an understanding? Or will I have to escalate this open letter to something more forceful? I will go there with you, Newbie. I will beat you at this little game.

After all, I know where you live.

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