Saturday, July 12, 2008

319th Post - Summer Time Barbecue

In just over an hour I will drive to downtown Halifax and pick up a couple of people in my Toastmasters club and drive them to our club's annual barbecue, held at a member's home.

I missed the bbq in 2006 as we were at the cottage. We went last year, and it's the last time I saw a certain member, who shortly thereafter left the country to start a new life in Korea. This year, of course, I'm going too, but not with Patricia, who continues to stay at the cottage until I rendezvous with her there next week, when my own vacation starts (six days! woohoo!).

You all remember that song "Rendezvous" by the Hudson Brothers? They were a minor rock and roll band of the 1970's who ended up with a pretty silly show called the Hudson Brothers Razzle Dazzle Comedy Show. I remember them and it most fondly. The skits featuring the Island of Piggy Piggy were of particular delight to my impressionable mind. Several people huddled around the island, which was mostly just a clumb of clay in the ocean. One tree in the very middle, and they were all standing around it, discussing the issues of the day. "What's new, Frank?". "We're getting an NFL franchise, Chet!". Stuff like that. Funny stuff when you're 10 years old.

The only really lasting contribution that the brothers had was that one of them (Bill) went on to marry Goldie Hawn. They begat a daughter named... Kate Hudson. She does all these movies with Matthew McConaughey. I'll bet the old man's proud of that. Wonder if Goldie pays him support?

I'll take some pics at the barbecue this even, perhaps even shoot some video, and put some of that stuff up here. Look for it.


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