Saturday, July 12, 2008

321st Post - John and Patsy Ramsey Thoughts

Watching "Nancy Grace" right now. They are discussing the Jonbenet Ramsey case; finally, the parents have been cleared of their daughter's murder. Patsy died a year or so ago, but I hope that John sues the living crap out of all the media people who insinuated that they had killed Jonbenet.

Some pundits who weren't there to see the murder, who know only what they read in the paper, nonetheless are still going on about how the Ramseys got off, and how they lawyered up right after Jonbenet's death, and how that threw off the police investigation. Ridiculous, but frightening, too, how people can rush to judgement without knowing the truth, or concocting the silliest conspiracy theories out of whole cloth when not one shred of evidence can be brought forth to support these theories. And when the Ramseys denied these allegations, even refuted them, the pundits would then say, "Aha! That means you did it!". What is that called? Circular logic?

What the Ramseys went through after Jonbenet's death could happen to anybody. I am just glad that they have finally been cleared, even though poor Patsy Ramsey didn't live long enough to see this happen.



Reg Schofield said...

The sad fact is over 90% of all children die at the hands of their parents or a close family member or friend. So it was natural for many to look at them first . However the Boulder Police failed to follow up on many leads and to look at the intruder theory with any seriousness.The sad fact is some sick and demented person or persons are still at large and that's scary. Hopefully one day justice will prevail and they will be dealt with and if I had my way it would be at the end of a rope.Keep the posts coming and I hope by the way ,you forgive Newbie and all things are good between you!

Bevboy said...

I get that the Boulder police had to investigate the Ramseys. But, when no evidence came to light, they should have moved on to other suspects. Remember all of those leaks to the press that went on for years? They stopped when the case went to a grand jury.

After all these years, I fear that the true culprit may never be caught. But that won't stop these tv pundits from still insinuating that the Ramseys were responsible. Patsy went to her grave with that cloud over her head. Very sad.