Wednesday, July 16, 2008

327th Post - 46 Hours To Go!

A bit less than 2 days to go until vacation commences. Can I last that long?

Getting a bit tired of the city. Nice to be close to everything, but I am beginning to crave, to yearn for, a place where you have to drive a long distance to get anything at all.

Heard and watched the news today about the owner of the Sou'Wester restaurant in Peggy's Cove charging visitors to Peggy's Cove five dollars to park in his parking lot. If they park there, they get a rebate for that amount of money that's redeemable if they go into the restaurant and buy something, or purchase something at the gift shop.

This man has been patient for many years, allowing people to park in his parking lot for free, when most of them never went into the restaurant except to have a pee after being out on the rocks for a while. The folks who are complaining about this charge just don't get it. They have a sense of entitlement about things. They are the same type of people who park in my drive way when they pick up or drop off their kids at the local school in the morning or afternoon. If I go out and yell at them, they think I am the bad guy. Ridiculous.

It is private property, folks. He doesn't have to let you park in his parking lot for free if he doesn't want to. There is nothing you can do about it. You don't have a right, you are not entitled, to park there at no cost. Get over it. It costs this man a lot of money to maintain this parking lot; I don't see you reaching into your pocket to help him defray those costs, but you'd be the first ones to complain if the parking lot became full of pot holes or hadn't been cleared of snow in the winter.

Like I said: Get over it.


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