Monday, July 21, 2008

333rd Post - first day of vacation

I am now officially on vacation. Back to work after the civic holiday in August

I had a plan to drive here to the cottage early Sunday morning 3 or 4 am or so. I did that in 2005 and it was kinda fun. But this year the flesh was too weak to let me do that. I did leave the house around 7.

My neighbour is going to look after the place for me. Plus there is my security system

I arrived here around 9:45. After unpacking Patricia and I headed into town for a few items. We returned here where we watched a film and Patricia prepared a pizza. We watched the first 2 parts of "John Adams". I can certainly understand how it has received so many emmy nominations. Apparently it only gets better. We will resume watching the show today.

Slept a lot over night. Will likely take a nap this afternoon. Such is cottage life. There is something in the air here that causes one to sleep more than one normally does. I do not mind

Patricia is watching Canada am. Followed by Regis and then Martha and finally The View. I may see her by one this afternoon. Gives me a chance to tackle a book or two

Will write more later

Have a good one

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