Thursday, July 24, 2008

339th Post - Another Rick Howe Update

My sources tell me that Rick Howe will be reading the news at Q104 next Thursday and Friday July 31st and August 1st

Don't know if it will be in the morning in place of Lisa Blackburn or in the afternoon instead of Rich Horner. If I find out before then I will let you know

Bevboy. with his finger on the pulse of Halifax radio!

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Nova Scotia Pats Fan said...

I was glad to see he'll be back on News 95.7 I hope that they have him doing a talk show soon instead of just reading the news. Maybe boot Andrew Crystal or something. ;)

Bevboy said...

Thanks for writing. I met Andrew Krystal a few months ago. He comes across as much more polite and well mannered than he does on the radio. These rabble rousers on the air are not necessarily that way off.

There are horror stories about how people can be nice and friendly on the air and absolute ogres when the cameras and microphones are not turned on and pointed at them. The stories I have read about Bob Barker, for example, do not portray him in a good light.

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