Thursday, July 24, 2008

340th Oust - How Do You Beat The Heat?

It has been a very hot and humid day in this part of the province. I. am very happy that I mowed the lawn on Wednesday when it wasn't as bad as it was today

Went outside this morning to read for a bit and again this afternoon. But the humidity nearly did me in and I had to return inside where I have been ever since. I am now in the bedroom with the oscillating fan on high and the window open. It is still too hot to do much of anything

Going out to the decoste centre tomorrow night for a comedy showcase. I pray that there is air conditioning and that it is enough to cool us off

How do you guys beat the heat? All I can say is that unless you really really want to know don't ask me what I am wearing right now. The truth may set you free but it also hurts

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