Friday, July 25, 2008

341st Post - Praying for Rain

I know that there has been a lot of rain in Halifax this week my house sitter has been telling me all about it. Rain. Fog. More rain. More fog. You get the drill

Here at the cottage there has been very little rain. We had a bit overnight the other night but it has been dry ever since. Great for people on vacation but hell on lawns and wells

Well it is mostly great for us vacationers. The heat is getting to me. I was too drained today to do further work on the lawn. We need to collect the hay that was created as a result of mowing the lawn on Wednesday. I know they say it is best to leave those trimmings where they are but it is unsightly and looks unfinished. We would like to scoop them up with a special lawn mower attachment. But not today. It is just too hot

Going to the DeCoste Centre tonight. Comedy festival. The main attraction is air conditioning!

Hope it rains soon.

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