Tuesday, July 29, 2008

345th Post - Second Week of Vacation

The second week of my vacation is well underway. This time next week I'll be most of my way through my first day back. It has been a good vacation so far, although we still need a lot of rain at the cottage to replenish the well and to provide nourishment for our lawn.

Watched 3 movies on dvd on Monday: Little Miss Sunshine (which we loved), "The Illusionist" (I fell asleep during it), and "The Prestige" (which we discussed afterward; too many plot twists). Haven't done much yet today other than help wash the dishes and read my book ("Point of Impact" by Stephen Hunter).

Prepared maple salmon which we will cook for dinner this evening. Looking forward to that.

Will try to write more later.

Greetings from the River John Library!


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