Saturday, July 12, 2008

320th Post - The Barbecue

I am back home from the barbecue. It was great fun this year. Unlike other years, there weren't three metric tons of food left over. We had one measly hamburger patty left over, 2 pieces of bruschetta, some of Bevgirl's squares, half a water melon, and a bit more. Other years, we were lucky to eat 40% of the food at a given barbecue. This year, it was more like 90-95%.

Another difference this year was post-meal games. Games involving balls and paddles, and more balls, and more paddles, some with velcro.

A guy also played his guitar, much more skillfully than I could. Which isn't saying much.

We called it a night around 8:30.

Newbie is on my lap as I type these words. I think he regrets his recent transgressions. I still have trust issues.

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