Sunday, August 3, 2008

357th Post - Yawn!

I have been back in the city for just over 24 hours now.

While I loved being at the cottage, there is no place like home. For one thing, I have access to my digital cable again, and learned yesterday that I now have 4 new movie channels for the month of August (Superchannel). For another, I took possession of a computer desk yesterday, and it didn't cost me a cent. I love freecycle!

I did manage to blog most days I was on vacation. In fact, I posted 55 messages here in the month of July. I can't promise to post that much every month, but I will endeavour to post an average of once a day.

I spent a few hours yesterday catching up on my laundry and preparing my office here for the computer desk. It is as if I had always had it. I am wondering how I ever got along without one all these years. I have a little shelf where I can store some important documents for my work for those times when I get a call in the middle of the night and have to come down here and do some stuff. The monitor is now at eye level. The modem and router are on a shelf by themselves. And the speakers are on the top shelf along with a pencil sharpener the previous owners would have just thrown away. I don't use a pencil sharpener very much these days, but you never know. My phone is next to the computer. I tellya, if I ever get a conditional sentence for something, I'll be fine right here at home!

Back to work on Tuesday. With my previous job, I'd dread going back. However, I am looking forward to returning to work these days. Hope I never have to retire!


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