Monday, August 4, 2008

358th Post - The Last Day of Freedom!

I go back to work in the morning after being off for two and a half weeks. Looking forward to returning to work, but I sure did enjoy my vacation.

I really should have stayed home today and done some cleaning around the house. Getting the computer desk on Saturday and rearranging my home office to accommodate it got me in a cleaning frame of mind; heck, I even mopped my kitchen floor that day! But I had promised Patricia I would take her to see "Mamma Mia!", and I try to keep my word.

We saw the movie at Bayers Lake at 12:30pm. It was a'right. Patricia was enthralled, long having been an ABBA fan. I like some of their songs, and a few of them percolate through my mind and make their way to the surface like a drowning man seeking oxygen (that was a simile, and NOT the much-hated-by-me-at-least metaphor!) . Pierce Brosnan was a brave choice of the producers, as the man cannot sing well and the actors were not dubbed.

We decided to see a second film this afternoon. Upon a bit of reflection, we decided to see "Swing Vote", the latest film produced by and starring Kevin Costner. I loved everything about it. It is about an unemployed slacker, Costner, who through interesting plot contrivances finds that his uncast vote will decide the outcome of the presidential election. It is smart, funny, and may end up being a classic. I want the special edition dvd! There must be deleted scenes!

Newbie was waiting for me at the door tonight. He missed me. He is on the table next to my desk, cleaning himself, as I type these humble words. Isn't that sweet?


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