Wednesday, August 13, 2008

372nd Post - It Will Be Good. Trust Me!

I have spent the last few hours transcribing the interview I conducted today with the next interview subject for the blog. I want it to be post #375. I may not post here for a couple of days in order to make sure that the person who's the subject of the interview will have a chance to vet it first. After that, it will go up here.

Folks, this is my third interview for the blog, and the first one that I used my digital voice recorder for. I was able to capture everything the person said, which is more than I did for the first two interviews. When I interviewed Deb Smith a few months ago, I made a lot of mistakes. I learned from them, and made fewer when I sat down with J.C. Douglas in June. I learned from those mistakes, and will learn from the ones I made today when I sit down with my next subject, soon.

It's a lot of work to transcribe the interviews, but the quality of the final result will be so much better.

Maybe I missed my true calling. These interviews are a lot of fun.

More soon.


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