Thursday, August 14, 2008

373rd Post - Done!

Well, I see that blogger has changed its layout a bit. Not sure if I like it yet.

I have finally finished transcribing the interview with... well, you will find out soon enough. I really think you'll like it. I have just e-mailed it to the subject to see what the person thinks of the wording. If it is liked, it will go up, probably on Friday.

Had a long day today. Up at 5:30, worked all day, transcribed parts of the interview during lunch, took Cindy to the vet's tonight, and took Patricia to dinner tonight. The first place we were gonna go to, Rylan Jack's, is out of business. Not paying $15000 in rent will do that to you (I read the notice of distraint on the door). So, instead, we went to a Chinese restaurant and order a la carte.

Yawn! Time for bed.


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steel44 said...

hey bev read most of the blogs on here the 110 th one was great about our uncle he was the greatest hope to hear more about the family keep up the good work one of your new brunswick cousins Bruce