Friday, August 15, 2008

374th Post - Where Did Friday, August 15, 2008, Go?

Well, that was fun! Wish I could say I did a lot today. I was going to do Hell and all, and kinda ran out of gas in the afternoon.

I slept in, as I had the day off. I got up around 8, and left the house shortly after 9. Andrew Krystal was interviewing people behind a new documentary about the black hockey league in Nova Scotia, which ran from 1895 to 1925. The film was based on a book, and Andrew was giving away copies this morning. I snagged one by calling in and asking a question. Two questions, actually, as Andrew wanted me to ask a question of the guests. I guess he is having a hard time getting callers. Too bad. The program is becoming better and better all the time. And, if I want to hear talk radio, I don't have much choice any more.

I spent the balance of the morning running errands, including picking up that book. I went to Staples, to Walmart, to the dollar store, before going to Patricia's place for a late lunch and a nap. I waited for her to get home from work, stayed with her a while, and returned here.

Yes, this is a filler post. I wanted #375 to be the interview with... well, read this post first, and then the next one, which will be going up shortly.


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