Tuesday, August 19, 2008

381st Post - Cheap So And So

I love a bargain. Just love one.

Earlier today I was visiting the local kijiji site, looking for a computer chair to go with this computer desk I got a couple of weeks ago. Just something with wheels that won't topple when I lean back, causing me to break my neck and die. A humble request.

I was happy to see a lady in Halifax offering a very nice computer desk for $60, or an acceptable trade. That trade would include an old digital camera, of which I have one, one it turned out would be one she would like to have. All was good so far.

I wrote her, and it turned out that there would be someone else checking out the chair during lunch time. If that person didn't want it, she and I could do a deal involving this camera. As luck would have it, this person did want the chair, and I was s.o.l.

Disappointed but undaunted, I kept looking, as my lunch hour dwindled away. Another lady, in downtown Halifax, was selling another computer chair, for only $10. I decided to check it out after work, and I did. I ended up buying it.

It is a ten dollar chair, if you know what I mean. When it was new, it was probably quite nice. Now, it is threadbare in places, but still reasonably comfortable. I am pleased with it. If I can get a year or so out of this chair, it will have earned its keep around Casa Bevboy.

I am leaning back in it, and so far, I haven't fallen and split my head open. Woo hoo!

Patricia returning to the city as I type these words. Should be home in the next 90 minutes or so.


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