Wednesday, August 20, 2008

383rd Post - I Love a Bargain, Part Two!

A few years ago, probably 2004, I responded to an ad on freecycle offering a free scanner. The owner couldn't configure it to get it working on her computer, became frustrated, and wanted to get rid of it. I was the second one to speak up for it, but because it turned out that we worked in the same building, she decided to give it to me.

Last evening, I finally decided to try to get it working.

I can see why she had a problem with it: It was never designed to work under XP. I had to search around on the net for a few minutes to locate the correct drivers, download them, and install them along with the software that came with the scanner.

It now works. Woo hoo!

How well? Read post #384 and find out!


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