Saturday, August 23, 2008

388th Post - Baxter's Harbour Blogging

Here I am at a family function which I will discuss in a subsequent post. Had to take this picture of the Baxter's Harbour Community Centre. Once upon a time, it was a one room school house. When these schools were amalagamated into bigger schools years ago, the buildings were returned to the communities to use as they saw fit. Many of them are still in use for local functions such as wakes, wedding receptions and the like. This one, from a note I read on the door, is being used this summer for free yoga classes taught by a local woman. The Baxter's Harbour website (and I didn't know there was one until I googled and found it) talks about other uses for this old building and the church across the street. It is nice to see these old buildings still used and appreciated by locals!

Church service for my uncle is going to start soon.

More later.

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