Tuesday, August 26, 2008

393rd Post - Odds and Sods!

The CBC reporter could not make it out here this evening. She wants to visit next week, but that doesn't work for me. I wrote her back asking if she can come out tomorrow night or Thursday at the latest. We will see how that goes.

I have been in communication with the webmaster/developer for the Baxter's Harbour website. He promises that they are working on another musical event for the church and the community centre across the street. He didn't say when it might happen, just that it would. He wants to enhance the website as well to have a message board and an area where people can post pictures of the place too. Those would be very nice enhancements. B.H. is an old community and back in the day it was a thriving one.

Those days are long over. My grandparents and all of their children except for my mother had to leave the province in order to find suitable work over 50 years ago. Our visits with them, my uncles, and cousins were in the summer in New Brunswick. With all due respect to that fine province, I can't remember being more bored in my life than during those summer visits. My younger sister and I would be there for weeks at a time, bored silly, nothing to do except read crappy books and fight with each other. No cable tv, either. Merv Griffin was on every day after lunch. Highlight of our day.

One of my cousins from there reads this blog. Bruce, you're a good guy. I love you and your brothers and other cousins. Yadda yadda yadda. But when we were kids, there was nothing for us to do in little Beaver Harbour, N.B. I can appreciate that kind of lifestyle now, but could not back then. I'd say I sometimes yearn for that kind of laid-back way of living, but my boss also reads this blog, and he chuckles every time I use that word.

Yearn, Kevin. Yearn.

Watched the season ender to "In Plain Sight" on Global this evening. That show is growing on me. I look forward to seeing season two in the spring.

I have to replace this keyboard. The "b" key doesn't work unless I practically pound on it.

And that is all the news that fits.


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