Thursday, August 28, 2008

396th Post - Kismet

I managed to snag two Elton John tickets today, for his concert on September 27th. It was quite a story, how I got these tickets; and I'd like to take a few paragraphs to tell you about it.

I know a guy in Toastmasters who is on Facebook, just like me. He had updated his status a few weeks ago saying that he had 2 tix to Elton John, but would be unable to use them. I had been unable to obtain tickets despite my best efforts and had given up all hope of getting a pair for any kind of affordable price. I saw his note, and contacted him asking how much he wanted for them. I didn't hear back.

Saw him at TM last week, but forgot to ask him about the tickets.

This morning, I arrived at Patricia's, but she was a little bit late leaving her place.

Traffic was a little more snarled than usual.

I chatted with Patricia for a few minutes after arriving downtown. It made me later than usual.

And at the corner of Barrington and Morris Street, I saw my TM friend and beckoned him to join me on my side of the street. He came over, we said hello, and walked together to our respective works. I asked him if he still had the EJ tickets. He said he did, but that the person who had expressed an interest in them had not come forth with the money.

The tickets were still available!!!

I told him I'd speak with Patricia as soon as I got to work. Could he hold on to them for a few hours? He agreed to do so.

I called Patricia by 8:05 and told her I had a line on these tickets. Did she still want to go? I told her how much he wanted for the tickets and it was reasonable, given their face value. We both agreed we wanted to go, and I called my friend, but got his voice mail. Patricia went down to his office and left a note for him to contact her.

Didn't hear from him by 10am, so I wrote him on my BlackBerry telling him that we would have the cash for him by the afternoon. He wrote me back on his BB that that would be fine.

After a few more attempts to contact him -- he is a busy guy -- he visited Patricia's work. She gave him our money, and he gave her the tickets.

We have been saying "Elton John" to each other for the last several hours. "Patricia, pass me the Elton John, won't you?" "Bev, I Elton John you." "Let's Elton John, right here, right now. Let the world watch us!"

You get the idea.

Yes, we're excited.

Yes, the tickets are in a safe place. No, I am not going to tell you where.

I am just marveling at how this all came together in a matter of hours. We left a few minutes late. I was later than usual arriving at the parking space. I just happened to see my friend across the street; he usually leaves earlier, I think. He had been getting the run around from this other person. And it was a payday! All these pieces fell into place in such a way that we managed to luck out for a change. We could never plan for this kind of thing to happen.

Kismet! Fate. I am starting to believe in it.

More in a bit.


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