Thursday, August 28, 2008

397th Post - Dad Update

My father was rushed to hospital on Wednesday morning. He remains there this evening.

He has a gallbladder infection. He is not a good candidate for surgery for various reasons. They are trying to combat it with antibiotics. They will try to drain the fluid in a couple of days.

I am on vacation next week. Was gonna go to the cottage. That is now on hold while I deal with this latest health crisis. I am adding one more day to my vacation and will go to that part of the province tomorrow morning. I did a quick round trip there Wednesday night, arriving back here around 10:30.

This evening he was in a crabby mood. This usually means he is improving. I hope that it is the case this time, too.

I will continue blogging while I am away from a computer on a regular basis. The BlackBerry goes where I go.

Have a good night.


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