Tuesday, September 30, 2008

447th Post - What is Occasional Furniture?

What is occasional furniture, anyway? What does it do the rest of the time, when it isn't furniture? Is it lazy? I don't get it.


Monday, September 29, 2008

446th Post - A Humble Request

The next interview should be up for post #450. I think you will like it. And at least one more interview is in the works. After that, well, the interviews are a lot of work, and I would need to know that people like to read them and that all of that work is not for nothing. You know what I mean? Do you read the interviews and like them, or do you just skip them and go to something else. I need to know that I am not wasting my time.

By way of illustration, I spent six or seven hours working on this most recent interview already, with probably another 90 minutes or so before I can post it here. The longer the interview, the longer it takes to transcribe it. The Dawn Sloane interview, here, took me upwards of eight hours to transcribe. Once she vetted it, I had to add all kinds of hypertext links to the interview, the photos, and the like. The time producing these interviews is considerable. Not complaining. Just sayin', is all.

So, if you want more interviews on this blog, let me know via a comment to this post.



445th Post - For Those of You Not in Halifax

I have received a couple of e-mails from people I know who heard about Hurricane Kyle and how it was gonna rip Nova Scotia to little pieces.

I am fine. Everyone I know is fine. My house is fine. My parents are fine. Their house is fine. Patricia's cottage is fine. The cats are fine.

And the Elton John concert was more than fine!


Sunday, September 28, 2008

444th Post - Elton!

I was not feeling well at all as we made our way to the Elton John concert. I had a bad cold. I had slept most of the day. I still wanted to rest. But I gathered my strength and we made our way to the concert.

I am not the biggest EJ fan in the world. I like some of his songs, but am convinced that people have associated much of his music with pivotal, special, pleasant, moments in their lives, and consequently that he and those moments have become intertwined in such a way as to benefit him. Right place, right time.

But the concert was excellent. Just him and his piano, playing for nearly 3 hours. I have to admire someone who works that hard; he could have done a mere 2 hour show and it would have satisfied the fans.

Even songs that I didn't like that much, I liked last night. "Candle in the Wind" is overwrought treacle, imo, but last night it had a special quality. I had always liked "Someone Saved My Life Tonight", and he performed it. He also performed songs that were not hits, like the one about Roy Rogers. After many songs, he would receive a standing ovation.

Patricia was enraptured during the whole show, singing along with many of the tunes.

The tickets cost us a pretty penny. $400 for both. But it was worth it.

BTW, Elton John expressed a desire to return to Halifax as soon as he could. "It took me 39 years to come here. Let's hope it doesn't take that long again, because I'll be dead!"

Recovering nicely from my cold. I guess I can go back to work in the morning after all.

Couple of years ago, we saw INXS, with J.D. Fortune. We thought that was the best concert we'd seen at the Metro Centre. Elton John is now number one!


Saturday, September 27, 2008

443rd Post - True Lies Parking Space

There are several clich├ęs that abound in the movies and on TV shows. You know them as well as I do. The car that crashes into a cart of fruit. The action movie where the bad guys patiently line up one by one to fight the hero, rather than ganging up on him all at once and beating the poo out of him. The one I will focus on right now is the one about how there is always a parking space for a character to park in whenever he wants. Never drives around for 30 minutes becoming frustrated.

We saw "True Lies" when it first came out. You know, the Arnold Schwarzeneggar movie. There is such a scene in it. Arnie needs a parking space, and there is one.

Of course, in real life, one seldom finds a parking space one wants.


Patricia and I have had a great deal of good luck finding a parking space when we wanted one.

We were looking for a parking downtown a few minutes ago when a woman was vacating a space. I got Patricia to back up her car. We happily let her out and took the space as she left. Ticked off the guy behind us, but that is tough noogies for him, ennit?

Still feel sick. But not missing the concert!

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Friday, September 26, 2008

442nd Post - Elton John in one day

Someone just sent me this picture of him from the Friday concert in Halifax

I have a cold. I will be better for tomorrow night. I swear!

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Thursday, September 25, 2008

441st Post - Gratuitous Post

Spent the last 5 hours transcribing the latest interview that will go up on the blog, probably on Friday. I think you'll like it. At least one more interview is in the works, too.

Two more sleeps until Elton John!

Speaking of sleep, I need some. It's now nearly 1 am on Friday. Have to get up fairly early to take Cindy to the vet's. She'll like that. Sure.


Wednesday, September 24, 2008

440th Post - Missed it by This Much!

I fell asleep around 11:45 last night, so I missed the last little bit of Dancing with the Stars. I missed seeing the alleged comedian being kicked off.

Worked all day, and went to Toastmasters tonight. The Ah counter, who looks for vocalized pauses like "er" and "um", noted that I string sentences together a lot with the word "so". Ron is not the first person to bring this to my attention. I will work at it until this habit has been vanquished.

They have brought many faults to my attention over the years, those anal people at Toastmasters. I used to sway when I spoke in front of a group, like a willow tree. Got over that. I used to play with my grad ring (back when I wore it, that is) when I spoke. I'd take it off; put it back on; take it off; put it back on. Et cetera. Got over that. The "er's" and "um's" took longer, but they're pretty much gone. Now I just have to get over the "so's". And I will. Just give me some time.

Got home around 45 minutes ago. Fed the cat. Grilled a couple of hot dogs. Came down here to type this in. Watching "Dancing with the Stars". Five hours of this in one week is too much. I have no idea who two thirds of these stars are. The professional dancers are better known than the "stars" are, which is ironic. How long before there is a show called "Acting with the Dancers"? You know, the dancers from this show become well known enough to get their own show, where they're paired with professional actors in a sitcom or a drama? In either case, the hilarity would ensue.


Might have something there.


Tuesday, September 23, 2008

439th Post - Bevboy's Thoughts on Dancing with the Stars

I will be up until midnight tonight watching Dancing with the Stars. I get up at 5:30 each morning during the week. That is not much sleep for me. I need my beauty rest. There are those who would opine that a beauty coma would not do me much good, let alone a beauty rest; but even so, 5.5 hours of sleep on a work night ain't much.

I work with a guy who seldom sleeps, it seems. He has written me at 1:30, 2 o'clock in the morning. I have written him back at 3 in the morning, or later (or earlier, depending on how you look at it), when I get up to do that which makes my bladder leave me alone and allow me to get back to sleep. The way I figure it is: I am just standing there; I may as well do something useful for that period of time, so I send off a quick e-mail to him if he writes me. Freaks him out, too, because he figures I keep an even longer day than he does. Please do not tell him I do this. It is our little secret, ok?

Still not sure what was up with Cloris Leachman last night. She wandered around the dance floor last night while her professional partner tried to keep her from falling into the orchestra pit. She behaved with the judges in such a way to give one the impression that she thought she was visiting her physician. She received a standing ovation from the audience because she didn't collapse and die out there. It was oddly entertaining, but disturbing, too. I didn't hear how good the ratings were, but the Cloris Leachman performance was water cooler talk. Well, in my case, it was Tim Hortons talk this morning.

Have you voted for me in the best blog category in the Coast reader's poll? Don't you love me? Don't you? Don't you? C'mon. I need the ego stroke. Once I'm married, life will be over as I know it, so I need this last little bit of self esteem.

Vote for me!


438th Post - Disturbing!

Secure in sexuality much?

Local men who do not normally (one assumes!) wear high heels were wearing them today to raise money to combat breast cancer. We had to check it out, since our new fave radio station, Kool FM, was presenting it.

It was nice to meet Caroline Parker, but I am a little miffed with myself for not asking if she and Griff Henderson would pose for a picture with me. I do not normally miss these opportunities. I mean, I didn't ask Andrew Krystal to pose with me either, but he and we were at the lawyer's that evening, and it didn't seem right somehow. Who visits the lawyer's for a good reason, anyway? We certainly do not. Further, deponent sayeth naught!

Watched "Dancing with the Stars" last night. Cloris Leachman? Hmm. Can't get her out of my mind!


Monday, September 22, 2008

437th Post - Dishes Update

Newbie is supervising me as I wash the dishes.

He wants to make sure they're getting done I guess.

He must have trust issues.


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Sunday, September 21, 2008

436th Post - Do What The Man Says!

It is not too late. Help a fella out. Vote for me!

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435th Post - Did You Watch the News Tonight?

If you missed the news this evening, or the last couple of days, and wondered if there had been reports of a giant monster composed of dirty dishes terrorizing Halifax, then let me put your fears to rest. Halifax is fine. The dishes remain in my sink, dirty, unwashed, mocking me with their lack of cleanliness.

Unless I am re-called to the cottage suddenly tomorrow night, washing my dishes will be the major activity around here.

It is the least I owe my city.


434th Post - Back to the City!

I returned to Halifax this afternoon. It is great to be at the cottage for a few days, even a week or two, but after that long, it is great to be back home.

I had a bout of the sleeping sickness while I was up there. I couldn't get enough rest. On Friday, after I mowed the lawn, I was bushed. Slept in Saturday morning, and took a long nap in the afternoon.

Turned in early Saturday night, after watching "The Fearless Vampire Killers" on dvd. I first watched that movie when I was in my teens, late one Friday night in 1978. I thought it was a scream. Hysterically funny. Last night, it was dull. Either someone sabotaged the film in the intervening years (re-shot all the scenes, hired crappy actors, whatever), or my tastes have changed to the point where it is difficult to appreciate that which I had liked so much back when I was a teenager.

Last summer, in '07, we watched Trading Places, the 1983 film that was one of Eddie Murphy's first big hits. You have probably seen it. You likely remember it fondly. Well, after seeing it again for the first time in many years, last year, we didn't get it any more. It elicited nary a chuckle from us, and it was a waste of time. Hammy acting, a hackneyed script, characters who should not be able to do certain things can do them with no problem, all added up to a movie that I wish I had not seen again. Remembering it as it had been when I was younger was probably the best thing to do. Not sure if I am wording it correctly, but some things are best left in the past, where the memory and perception of them can remain unblemished.

Anyway, I awoke with a headache this morning. I ate, took a shower (at the cottage! Yes, I know!) and prepared to return to the city. I got back home around 4:45, dropped off and fed Newbie, and then went to Patricia's for a nice chicken dinner. Just returned from that a little while ago. Newbie is on his new perch. He favours the ledge upon which my scanner rests. Good thing I put in that third shelf brace!

Back to work tomorrow. Looking forward to it.


Saturday, September 20, 2008

433rd Post - Saturday Cottage Blogging

I finished mowing the lawn late Friday afternoon. Took the better part of 3 hours. Being jostled and tossed around on a lawn tractor for that period of time is a good recipe ingredient for a good night's sleep and I sure did get one

It occurs to me that someone would make a bucket load of money (large bills) if they invented some type of entertainment device that could easily be installed on a lawn tractor. Allison told me yesterday that he saw one person affix a car radio to his lawn tractor. It ran off the battery of course. The wires coming from the car radio that normally would go to the speakers instead were soldered to a headphone jack. He also hooked up a whip antenna to the lawn tractor.

This work resulted in being able to listen to his radio while he spent hours and hours mowing the lawn. Pretty slick but not so great for those of us cowed by such a scheme and how to go about doing something like that

I suppose you could hook up a portable DVD player to a lawn tractor. Give you something to look at while you plummet to your death after riding off the edge of the property here

Hooked up an old pair of computer speakers from home to the DVD player. Gives me a cottage-style home theatre system. Started to watch "The Brave One" with Jodie Foster before turning in early

More later

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Friday, September 19, 2008

432nd Post - My New Best Friend

Meet Allison. He just fixed the lawn tractor

Will spend the bulk of the rest of the day mowing the lawn

Allison? What kind of name is that for a man?

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431st Post - At the Cottage

I didn't do my dishes last night. Instead I drove to the cottage arriving around 845

I will be here for the weekend getting the lawn tractor fixed and then mowing the lawn. That will take the better part of a day. Big piece of property

Buddy will be here in the next 30 minutes or so

Newbie says hi. He is a climber and greets you from on top of the pantry

More later

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Thursday, September 18, 2008

430th Post - Yes! I Know! Don't Bug Me!

There is a comic book story about a guy who neglects washing his dishes for days and days. The dirty dishes become sentient. They come to life as an evil monster bent on a path of death and destruction, threatening the citizens of Cleveland or whatever city the story was set in.

Guess what I will be doing tonight after work?

I love Halifax too much!

Bevboy, a responsible person.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

429th Post - Oh, Another Thing!

I have been asked why I do not discuss political things in this blog very often. I am happy to discuss why this is the case.

1. There are plenty of political pundits out there anyway, and most of these people do not know what they are punditing about, or are so strident in their views that there is no point in listening to them. They just shoot off their mouth about whatever. They are usually partisan, too, so the Conservative pundits defend their guy, and the Liberal ones, their guy. No amount of persuasion, no amount of argument, no amount of verbage, can get people on either side to accept that the other side may be correct about something. Just watch Larry King Live any night when they have a political panel on.

2. I have friends of all political stripes. Why would I risk alienating any of them by espousing my political views here? People of all political stripes have both pleased me and disappointed me. When I vote, I vote for the best person, and do not pay much attention to what his or her party affiliation may be.

3. People complain endlessly about politicians. George Carlin had a comment about it, and it is brilliant and I won't paraphrase it here. But I will add to it the comment that anybody who seeks political office must be a glutton for punishment. I feel that elected officials put up with so much crap that I wonder why they tolerate it. How would you feel if you were having dinner with your spouse and someone at the next table came over to you and started yelling at you about something? Politicians have to put up with that all the time. All the time.

So, to sum things up: I don't write about politics because while I will talk about it privately with friends, I do not really want to talk about it here. It is not that interesting to write about. I probably could not add much to political discourse by going on about it. And why tick off my friends? I want this to be a fun place to hang out.

There are plenty of blogs that discuss politics. Look for them, but not here.


428th Post - Toastmasters This Evening

I am killing a bit of time before I leave for my TM meeting this evening. I have had a long, tiring day, and 2 hours of public speaking sounds like just what I need to calm down and relax a bit.

I realize that public speaking causes terror and anguish in many people. It can in me, too, especially when I am in front of a large group of people. But speaking in front of 20 or 30 people is a breeze for me these days, and relaxes me the way a shot of liquor does others.

Heard Rick on News 95.7 during lunch as I was walking about the city. Nice to hear him in that context again. He may be filling in for Tom Young on Thursday as well. If I hear something, I will update the blog. Because, of course, all of you care.

You know, people have told me that they are amazed at all of the personal things I discuss on this blog. But these people do not have any idea of the things I leave out, the things I can't even allude to, for fear of embarrassing or incriminating myself in some way. Relatives of mine read this blog, and people at my work do, too. Let's just say that there have been many times when I have had to censor myself and cut out things.

But I'll still accept the compliment. After the day I had today, I need it.

Once more, into the breach...


427th Post - Breaking News

Rick Howe will be doing the afternoon news program today on news 95.7

Tune in if you can

Dawn Sloane will try to get me a copy of the show

More later

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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

426th Post - Best Halifax Blog?

I need your help, everyone.

The Coast, Halifax's free weekly newspaper, is having its annual Best of Halifax poll. One of the categories is (gasp! horror!) best local blog.

If you like this blog, and feel it is one of the better local blogs out there, then why not vote for me in the poll?

And, if your ballot is selected as part of their contest, then you can win a $1000 gift certificate.

What are you waiting for? Vote for me!


425th Post - Nova Scotia History Links

Welcome to the special 425th Post of Bevboy's Blog.

I usually try to do something different for the posts that are divisible by 25. I will do interviews, stuff like the alphabet game, whatever. Fun times in the Maritimes.

I thought I'd devote this post to listing some links related to Nova Scotia history.

I'll start with perhaps the most obscure one. Ed Coleman has been writing a column in the Kentville Advertiser for many years. Two columns, actually. The first one is about hunting and fishing, and that doesn't interest me that much. But the second one is about the history of Kings County, Nova Scotia. Absolutely fascinating stuff, if you are from there at least. But even if you are not, it is interesting reading, seeing how much we have lost over the years. Many of these small communities still exist, but have no industry and services to support them; they have become bedroom communities to places like Halifax, believe it or not.

Go ahead, and read Ed Coleman's column.

The Nova Scotia Public Archives is another excellent source of photographs of a bygone era. You have to check it out. Thousands of pictures are up there.

I have already written about the Halifax History website. But I'll include it here again for the sake of completion. I just wish the guy would update it more frequently.

Simultaneously fascinating and ugly (homeliest website in the history of websites) is Nova Scotia's Electronic Attic, run by a retired teacher in Canning, Nova Scotia. This is the same guy who ran afoul of Elections Canada several years ago when he posted local federal election results on his website for the world (and parts of the country in earlier time zones) in contravention of the law. The police and Elections Canada goons came to his home, seized his computer, and tried to intimidate him. For this reason, and perhaps others, I believe that this website still resides off shore.

What is Nova Scotia without a little bit of controversy and conspiracy theory? For that in abundance, check out this website, which details what happened to people who have disappeared or were murdered here. Sad, of course, but speculating on some of these murders only muddies the waters and causes people to jump to inappropriate conclusions. Let the police do their job, people. That is why they are paid the big bucks. I know a few police officers. They will probably arrest me for saying they are paid a lot of money.

The last site I'll share with you for the moment is all about Nova Scotia mysteries, and interesting stories from our past. Many may be familiar to you, but I include the link anyway.

I hope you check out these websites sometime if you haven't already. There is plenty of great online reading about Nova Scotia and her past.

More in a bit.


424th Post - Living Up to My Nick Name

I believe I wrote on this blog before how my nick name at work is BSB, which is an abbreviation for Big Sweaty Bev.

I earned this name last year upon returning from a lunch hour spin class without having completely toweled down yet. I was flushed, and my hair a bit askew. I use gel, but not strong enough to prevent the Albert Einstein effect after spinning for 40 minutes.

I did another spin class today, my first one in a few months. With Patricia having been so sick, then vacations, and laziness, I just hadn't got to the gym in a long time. The more fool me. But I got there today, and feel better for it. I will go back and do some weights perhaps as early as Wednesday, and hope to do another spin class on Thursday.

Time to get rid of my spare tire.

I'm back on track!


423rd Post - Dirt Bag!

Read this morning that someone in another part of Halifax discovered a burning cat. The cat, fortunately I guess, died.

What the Hell is wrong with some people? What kind of animal would do something like this to a defenseless cat?

Now, do you understand why I keep my cat at home at all times? There are too many crazies out there who take delight in the infliction of pain to animals.

I hate these people. Hate 'em.

If the thing that did this to the cat is ever caught, there is no punishment that will fit this crime. None.


Monday, September 15, 2008

422nd Post - I Need Your Help

I will soon be interviewing 2 more people for this blog. I am composing the questions for them now. One of them is a morning man at a major station. The other one is the program director at another major radio station.

Here is where you come in.

If you could ask one question of either or both of these folks, what would that question be? I will sift through the thousands of inevitable suggestions (ahem!) and select the ones I like best.

The deadline is one minute after midnight E.S.T. on Friday, September 19, 2008.

Tick tock, Clarice.


Sunday, September 14, 2008

421st Post - Good Ca-r-ma!

Say hello to Pamela of ca-r-ma, Cat Rescue Maritimes. We ran into her at the Halifax Shopping Centre yesterday afternoon. They are about rescuing cats from the disgusting conditions under which they often have to suffer.

I like dogs. I have no problem with them. But I am an unabashed cat lover. Always have been, and always will be. It breaks my heart when I see a dead cat on the side of the road. I am not usually angry with the drivers who hit the cats, either. But there is a special section of Hell reserved for people who do not spay or neuter their animals, and who decide that it is too much of a burden to keep a cat, and abandon it on the side of the road or in the woods or whatever. I am also not very happy with people who let their cats out before they go to work in the morning, assuming that the cats will just happily roam around the neighbourhood without getting into any trouble and return home that evening safe and sound. All too often, these cats tick off neighbours by crapping in gardens or digging up flowers, or breeding with other cats. All too often, the neighbours retaliate in inappropriate ways.

I have a cat; his name, as you will recall, is Newbie. I keep him inside 99% of the time. He goes out when I place him in his carrier in order to take him to the vet or the cottage, or to visit my parents or something. That's about it. The rest of the time, he lolls about my 3 floor home, doing whatever he wants. He is usually with me when I am home. He is over my left shoulder as I type these words, hiding behind some boxes, wanting me to place my arm within swatting distance of his paw. I will do so right now. Hold on.


Happy now, Newbie? Hmm?

There are some first class a-holes out there who do not respect the lives of animals. If you look on a place like kijiji, you will find ads from people who ask for litters of kittens. "We'll take all you have!". These people are not necessarily being magnaminous, generous souls, looking to love as many cats as possible. Instead, these people often have snakes, and cats are a good food source for snakes, you see. I don't need to complete this paragraph. You get the idea.

If you google the phrase "crush video", you will learn of a particularly sickening fetish that exists to satisfy the prurient desires of a small segment of society. Kittens are often used.

I don't know if there are any people reading my blog who view crush videos for pleasure. If there are, please stop reading my blog. I do not want to know you.

While people who abuse cats, or worse, can all go to Hell, there is a special section of Heaven reserved for animal lovers, and especially those who try to improve the lot of abused or neglected animals. I am sure a spot is reserved for Pamela and people like her.

I gave a few bucks to ca-r-ma yesterday. Check out their website to see if you want to help, too.

Love your cat. I love mine.


420th Post - Har, Matey!

Friday, September 19, be International Talk Like a Pirate Day!

That be the date, me hearties, when we be talkin' like a pirate do! Harr!

It be the only day of the year, when someone asks if it be ok to swab your poopdeck, it be not necessarily dirty!


Saturday, September 13, 2008

419th Post - Women and Shopping

I type these words while sitting on a bench at the Halifax shopping centre. Patricia is in a nearby store. Once again a woman has shopped me under the table

It used be the other way around. I looked so forward to going to the mall to check out whatever and to spend more than perhaps I could comfortably afford

Today I eschew the mall experience as much as I can. I avoid going to stores until and unless I need to. And I try to get out of extended shopping trips to places like Costco

I lack the passion the lust the interest

Women meanwhile get more jazzed about shopping as they move from one demographic to another. Patricia enjoys shopping very much. My mother thrives on it. She is 76 years old and uses a cane. But when she is in the store she is in her glory. She moves from store to store the way a bee flits from flower to flower

Me? I get conked out after half an hour. I become discouraged if the line up at the cash is too long. I yearn to be home

Patricia wants to go. I will write more later

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Friday, September 12, 2008

418th Post - Hee Hee!

Two days ago I picked up a bunch of books for free through freecycle

This morning I dropped off most of the books and received a nice credit that I can use to purchase books at this bookstore that I do want

I love a bargain!

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Thursday, September 11, 2008

417th Post - This Week's Toastmasters Meeting

Not much to report tonight. We had a bake sale at work. I bought 6 macaroons and gave away 5 of them. Yippee!

Last night's meeting, though, was really neat. We had something like 11 or 12 guests, and only about 7 members. A few of them have already filled out membership applications. This may be a really good year for us.

I am one educational achievement away from my Distinguished Toastmaster designation. DTM for short. It is the highest level you can achieve in TM. I should have got it years ago, but I am determined to earn it by June 30, 2009. Not that many speeches to do, but there is a bit more to it than that.

I will keep you up to date as I do each speech, and the other things I have to do as well.

Bought dry and wet food for my cat after work. Plus some "treats". $92 for all that stuff. The little bastard eats better than I do. And does he appreciate it? Show me some respect? No. He's a cat. He owns me!


Wednesday, September 10, 2008

416th Post - Pasta Eating Cat Mystery - Solved!!

You will remember that here I discussed the pasta-eating cat that mysteriously appeared during a discussion of women and binge drinking. The mystery has now been solved.

Bottom line: one of the women said something she should not have and they cut away to that image.

They could probably select a better image; but in the meantime, you can buy a t-shirt of the pasta-eating cat here.

And, if you google "pasta eating cat" you will find my original post on this subject. I love how the blog is getting around!


415th Post - Was It Inappropriate?

I just had a quick lunch with Patricia. While there, a large woman walked into the restaurant. Patricia noticed her and said to me conspiratorially, "Bev, if I ever get that big, shoot me!".

I glanced at the woman and said, "No. I'll harpoon you.".


Tuesday, September 9, 2008

414th Post - Oh!

I lined up the next interview for the blog today. We will have our lunch later on this month. You should see it up here by the end of September.

But, there may be an interview before that. This is my round about, Robert L. Stanfield way of saying that I have booked 2 interviews for the blog, so keep your eyes on the skies.


413rd Post - It Just Happened!

Meredith Dault of CBC radio just left my humble abode. We discussed my interest and participation in freecycle. I mentioned some of the things I have acquired through freecycle over the last few years, but more importantly the things I have given away (neck ties, a vcr, dvd player, cookbooks, board games, a toaster oven, popcorn maker, cat carriers, etc.).

Just as were finishing, in the spirit of freecycle, I offered her a couple boxed sets of the first 16 James Bond movies (on vhs) along with a few other JB films that were not part of boxed sets. She said she and her boyfriend (there is always a boyfriend!) were now set for the winter, and that she had not seen many of those films.

She interviewed me for 15 minutes or so. Little pieces of it will end up in the story, which will air next week or so on CBC's Information Morning.

I will let you know when it is on.


Monday, September 8, 2008

412th Post - More Radio News

Joe Leary, morning guy at Hal FM in Halifax, was let go at the end of August.   That sucks.  I liked listening to him.

I think the problem with the station is the variety of music it plays. There isn't any. They play "classic rock", but it is songs that have been played to death, and which I never want to hear again, ever. If they are serious about surviving in this market, at least with this format, then they'll have to do some stuff like broaden their playlist. I don't think they will do this.

And the prizes they give away! Give me a break. When the Q is giving away trips, or money, or concert tickets, Hal was giving away a copy of a rock star's book (the guy from Motley Crue, whose name I will only think of after I post this message, and not until), or maybe tickets to the April Wine concert, held at some place out of town.


I wish Joe Leary well.

Much better news is how much fun Kool FM is to listen to these days. They play "anything", so you have a pretty good chance of hearing stuff on the radio that you haven't heard for an awfully long time. Check them out. I sure do. They are at 96.5 on the FM dial.

I have been in touch with their program director, Rob Johnson. I will ask him if it is ok if I post his e-mails to me on this blog. They will make for interesting reading.

Hmm. Wonder if he'd consent to an interview?


Sunday, September 7, 2008

411th Post - Should I Sue?

Years and years ago, my friend David Carrigan (who is now a bigwig at XWave in Halifax, and who still recognizes me) visited Vancouver and found the following store. Enclosed is his note as well.

I had misplaced this photograph and the note for years. When cleaning out a room recently, I found it, and now you can revel in all that is Bevboy, too.

So, should I sue? I mean, I have been called "Bevboy" for more than 20 years now. Am I not entitled to exclusive use of that name?


Saturday, September 6, 2008

410th Post - How Could I Be So Wrong?

I should be calling it a night, but I just spent a few minutes fixing typos in post 408 and providing a better link to the Brothers Solomon link in Amazon.

I researched the film a bit on Rotten Tomatoes, and in a couple of other places. This film was a huge bomb, grossing less than 10% of its budget, and was excoriated by critics. I don't get it. I felt the film was a laugh riot. I nearly busted my gut last night watching it. Perhaps I was in the mood to enjoy something so silly. Perhaps I will just have to agree to disagree with all the critics who hated it.

Still go see it. There should be plenty of copies at the video store. And it is still running, afaik, on my beloved movie channels.

Now. Time for bed.


409th Post - Back to the City

Returned to the city about 7 hours ago. Had my first shower in a week about 2 hours later. Nice to feel clean again.

I hope you are not thinking that we choose to live like pigs when we are at the cottage, that it is part and parcel of the rustic lifestyle. It is just that while there, we have to respect the fact that we are on a well. Well water is finite; there is only so much of it, and we can't just take a shower whenever we want to without running the risk of the well going dry, which would be double plus ungood.

In addition to stinking like pole cats whilst cottaging, we also (gasp! horror!) only flush the toilet when there is something to flush, if you catch my drift. In the city, the hypocrite that I am, the wastrel that I am, the spendthrift I yearn to be, I flush the toilet all friggin' day. Flush, flush, flush. Keep on flushing. Flushety flush flush.

Have spent a quiet, agreeable evening surfing the net, and looking at stuff on kijiji and catching up on Mark Evanier's blog. I love that man's writing. Just love it. I'd give my left whoozit to write 10% as well as he can. Please, scroll down a bit on his blog and read the post about the "Monty Hall Problem". It is fascinating reading. If I am ever a contestant on "Let's Make a Deal", I will swap what is behind my door for what is behind another. It will double my chances of winning the cool prize. Here is the original post, with a video link. And here is Mark's follow up post, which includes his own explanation of this "lady or the tiger" dilemma.

Also this evening, I added a third shelf brace/bracket for the ledge that's attached to my computer desk, and which holds my scanner. I was probably being paranoid, as the two I already had were probably quite sufficient. It wasn't until this evening that I discovered that the bracket I bought a week ago is actually bigger than the other two, so it is stronger than those, too. I could probably practice highland dancing on that ledge now, and it wouldn't break away from the computer desk.

Think I'll read a bit before turning in.



Friday, September 5, 2008

408th Post - Funniest. Movie. Ever

Just finished watching "The Brothers Solomon" here at the cottage. Patricia didn't get it but I nearly died from laughter. This movie is nearly as funny as I am during a Friday afternoon coffee break: The weekend is nigh and I don't care what I say or how I say it. You know what that is like

Hey people I drink coffee with on Friday afternoons: I need some testimonials here!

Anyway the movie stars Willl Arnett of "Arrested Development" fame and Will Forte of SNL. They play brothers who want to have a baby so as not to disappoint their father who has slipped into a coma (but he still looks great!). The problem is that they are not very successful with the ladies. They seek a surrogate mother and the hilarity ensues

Frig if you trust me at all rent or buy this movie. You will not be disappointed

Check out the link to it in Amazon.

I will update the Blog again when I am back in Halifax

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407th Post - Leaving the House

Friday morning finds me at a local c@p" site writing to you before the librarian kicks me off in 10 minutes.

We left for a morning of shopping and running the roads, after 4.5 days of being at the cottage and not even leaving the property. The car sat there, too, and had a nice rest. It needed one, after all the driving it did for me over the last couple of weeks.

We had breakfast in the town of Pictou and will go to the local Home Hardware before returning to the cottage. We will return to the city Saturday morning in a vain attempt to avoid the storms that will assail Halifax over the weekend. There will be a rainstorm prior to Tropical Storm Hanna, and we don't want to be caught in either.

Nice to be at the cottage, but nice to return to the city, too. Miss my creature comforts, like digital cable and high speed internet.

More later.


Thursday, September 4, 2008

406th Post - Tomato Soup Cake

Had something that sure did look and taste like carrot cake at a recent family gathering. I was wrong.

Here is the email from my cousin

Hello Bev,

Hope this email finds you well. I'm finally ready to send you my recipe. It's pretty easy except I find I always have to milk to thin it out. I got this recipe from my sister in law who is also a distant relative on the Avery side. Her Grandmother is Jennie (Avery) Wilson so we can call it a family recipe.

Letonya's Tomato Soup Cake

1/2 C shortening
1 C sugar
2 tsp baking powder
1 tsp cinnamon
1/2 tsp cloves
1 tsp nutmeg
1 can tomato soup in which 1 tsp soda has been dissolved
2 C flour

Add soup after mixing all other ingredients. Add milk if too thick. Bake at 350 for about 40 mins (usually longer than this, probably about 55 or 60 mins)

I also make up a glaze of icing sugar and water and drizzle it on while cake is still hot. I usually just leave the cake in the pan but I had it cut into squares and placed on a platter for our reunion.


Cousin Donna

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405th Post - Who Likes Amazon?

I like Amazon and order from it quite frequently. Hard to use it on a BlackBerry though

Found this link so that we can use it on a wireless device

For the Americans reading this: Just change the .ca to .com and it should work for you



Am I good or am I good?

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404th Post - For the BlackBerry Users Reading This

If you like wikipedia and don't want to pay 20 dollars for the third party front end utility that provides a nice interface to it then try the free front end I found earlier today. Not as nice as the one you have to pay for but much better than trying to use wikipedia.org on a handheld device

Here is the link


You can thank me later

More in a bit

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Wednesday, September 3, 2008

403rd Post - Vacation

I have been on vacation this week. Sleeping a lot

That is why this post is so short

Watched "Shallow Grave" today. Loved this movie when I watched it years ago but it bored me today. Did like the Andy Williams tune at the end though

Tomorrow we will try to watch "Spider-Man 3". Have heard it is not very good

Fell asleep listening to horror pod casts. Woke up Patricia who thought there were people outside the cottage and wolves howling too. Volume was very low but it still woke her up. Will try again tonight

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Tuesday, September 2, 2008

402nd Post - Last Night's Prison Break

Who watched the show last night? I have not been checking the message boards to see what the fans are thinking. I just have my own thoughts

I was glad that the producers let go of the purse string long enough for the actors to wash themselves and put on some clean clothes. Watching the show last season was such a chore and was made even more so by the presence of all of these actors walking around in muck and in filthy clothes.

I also liked how they tried to put last season behind them as soon as they could. SONA was discussed and the characters stuck there from last season were just shown as having escaped.

Characters introduced last season were also dealt with quickly. Goodbye Whistler! You annoyed me

Sara was brought back with little explanation. I think it was an acknowledgement that losing the actress after season 2 had been a mistake. Apology accepted but am I the only one who thinks that the Michael/Sara relationship is pretty twisted? He lied to her and used her in season 1 to break out of fox river. She tried to kill herself. He decided he loved her in season 2 and wanted to be with her and was for about 15 minutes before she was abducted last season

She should gate his guts. What is wrong with her?

T-Bag remains a character you can't take your eyes off of. Robert Kneppner is responsible for that as he is a great actor. He can take the most mundane material (and this show is all about mundane material) and make you care about it. I will never think of the question "Did you eat some bad Mexican?" again in the same way

The central mystery this time deals with their attempts to access some data devices. Not sure what they're for just yet. Not sure if I care yet either

The show is still trash. It is trash that if you spend any time at all thinking about it you will throw up your hands and watch something else. But the actors are having fun which makes me have some fun too

Season 4 of Prison Break is better than season 3. But that is not saying much. A mild recommendation is all I can muster

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Monday, September 1, 2008

401st Post - I Know!

I made a mistake in the naming of the previous post. I will leave it in there or else this post would make no sense

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Post 400 - Ten Things

Welcome to post 400. Who thought that this Blog would last this long? I sure didn't!

Thought I would try something a little different this time. Ten things about me you didn't know. Did something similar a few months ago

In no particular order:

10. I buy Halloween candy in November when it is half price and store it in my freezer for 11 months and 29 days until the following Halloween. I save a lot of money this way

9. Whenever I open a box of kleenex I write the current date on the box. This lets me know how long the box lasts me

8. I love the horror genre. My interest has been rekindled in recent months with the discovery of the "podcast of horror". Google it. It is excellent. They love Steve Vernon a local author who also does palm reading at a Barrington street store called Little Mysteries. I have met him. He is an interesting character

7. I was nearly arrested when I was 19

6. Labour Day is a day when we are supposed to celebrate labour by doing none. I slept until mid afternoon today. Do I win something?

5. I still fondly recall an episode of sesame street from when I was a little kid. The cookie monster actually made himself shrink in order to get a treat. "Me do anything for cookie!!" has stayed with me for all of these years. Tenacious. Determined. Single minded. That is the cookie monster

4. The Stephen Hunter novel is still being read. "Point of Impact" is getting better and better

3. More interviews for the Blog are in the works

2. I love my computer desk. Bought another shelf brace for it last week and will install it this weekend

1. I will be interviewed by CBC radio next week. The story may run nationally! I will keep you up to date on this development

Enjoy the rest of your labour day

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