Tuesday, September 2, 2008

402nd Post - Last Night's Prison Break

Who watched the show last night? I have not been checking the message boards to see what the fans are thinking. I just have my own thoughts

I was glad that the producers let go of the purse string long enough for the actors to wash themselves and put on some clean clothes. Watching the show last season was such a chore and was made even more so by the presence of all of these actors walking around in muck and in filthy clothes.

I also liked how they tried to put last season behind them as soon as they could. SONA was discussed and the characters stuck there from last season were just shown as having escaped.

Characters introduced last season were also dealt with quickly. Goodbye Whistler! You annoyed me

Sara was brought back with little explanation. I think it was an acknowledgement that losing the actress after season 2 had been a mistake. Apology accepted but am I the only one who thinks that the Michael/Sara relationship is pretty twisted? He lied to her and used her in season 1 to break out of fox river. She tried to kill herself. He decided he loved her in season 2 and wanted to be with her and was for about 15 minutes before she was abducted last season

She should gate his guts. What is wrong with her?

T-Bag remains a character you can't take your eyes off of. Robert Kneppner is responsible for that as he is a great actor. He can take the most mundane material (and this show is all about mundane material) and make you care about it. I will never think of the question "Did you eat some bad Mexican?" again in the same way

The central mystery this time deals with their attempts to access some data devices. Not sure what they're for just yet. Not sure if I care yet either

The show is still trash. It is trash that if you spend any time at all thinking about it you will throw up your hands and watch something else. But the actors are having fun which makes me have some fun too

Season 4 of Prison Break is better than season 3. But that is not saying much. A mild recommendation is all I can muster

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