Saturday, September 6, 2008

409th Post - Back to the City

Returned to the city about 7 hours ago. Had my first shower in a week about 2 hours later. Nice to feel clean again.

I hope you are not thinking that we choose to live like pigs when we are at the cottage, that it is part and parcel of the rustic lifestyle. It is just that while there, we have to respect the fact that we are on a well. Well water is finite; there is only so much of it, and we can't just take a shower whenever we want to without running the risk of the well going dry, which would be double plus ungood.

In addition to stinking like pole cats whilst cottaging, we also (gasp! horror!) only flush the toilet when there is something to flush, if you catch my drift. In the city, the hypocrite that I am, the wastrel that I am, the spendthrift I yearn to be, I flush the toilet all friggin' day. Flush, flush, flush. Keep on flushing. Flushety flush flush.

Have spent a quiet, agreeable evening surfing the net, and looking at stuff on kijiji and catching up on Mark Evanier's blog. I love that man's writing. Just love it. I'd give my left whoozit to write 10% as well as he can. Please, scroll down a bit on his blog and read the post about the "Monty Hall Problem". It is fascinating reading. If I am ever a contestant on "Let's Make a Deal", I will swap what is behind my door for what is behind another. It will double my chances of winning the cool prize. Here is the original post, with a video link. And here is Mark's follow up post, which includes his own explanation of this "lady or the tiger" dilemma.

Also this evening, I added a third shelf brace/bracket for the ledge that's attached to my computer desk, and which holds my scanner. I was probably being paranoid, as the two I already had were probably quite sufficient. It wasn't until this evening that I discovered that the bracket I bought a week ago is actually bigger than the other two, so it is stronger than those, too. I could probably practice highland dancing on that ledge now, and it wouldn't break away from the computer desk.

Think I'll read a bit before turning in.



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